Production, Research, Development and Application of Dried Blood Spot Sample Collection Devices

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“RDA Spot” is an innovative company, founded by medicine and business consulting professionals.

Recently we have focused on extensive manufacturing of RDA Cards© in order to exceed customer requirements for dried blood spot (DBS) sampling cards and provide superior customer service.

RDA Spot DBS Sample Collection Kit

RDA Spot Dried Blood Spot (DBS) sample collection kit is a certified medical device for in vitro diagnostics. RDA Spot DBS sample collection kit was created for easy, safe and convenient collection of blood samples at a patient’s home.

RDA Spot DBS sample collection kit greatly simplifies the collection, handling and storage of blood samples in comparison with other blood sampling methods. For the last 30 years, samples of DBS have become widely used in various areas of research, including neonatal screening, epidemiology, communicable diseases, environmental research, forensics, monitoring of therapeutic drugs, toxicology, drug and other drug studies because of their informational and analytical uses.