“RDA Spot” is an innovative company, founded in 2008. “RDA Spot” is led by the experts from various backgrounds, ranging from healthcare, marketing, printing and business consulting. Our company activities cover development, manufacturing, collection, packaging and marketing of medical and healthcare products. “RDA Spot” is a team of professionals, who can handle the release of medical product to market starting from product’s brand, package, user manuals, promotional material design and manufacture to product’s collection, packaging and introduction to market.

Currently, we are developing dried blood spot sample collection kits for in vitro diagnostics to address the rapidly emerging demand of fast, reliable, safe and convenient diagnostic methods. Our activities are focused on dried blood spot (DBS) sample collection kits known as RDA Spot DBS kits. We produce and sell DBS sample collection cards and kits and provide services to facilitate their use in close collaboration with our business partners. By producing exceptional quality DBS sample collection kits and providing professional services, we have gained the trust of international healthcare companies, universities and laboratories.

All “RDA Spot” products meet highest quality standards, are safe and CE certificated. We have implemented and certified ISO 13485 Quality Management System.