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RDA Spot Dried Blood Spot sample collection kit is the highest quality CE certified medical device for in vitro diagnostic (IVD). Blood samples are obtained by a finger prick, dried and sent safely and simply to the laboratory for analysis. The blood samples can be easily obtained anywhere and anytime without any special requirements associated with conventional blood draws.

The design of RDA Spot DBS sample collection card and kit can be customized in accordance with the client’s requirements. RDA Spot team takes care of implementing client’s own design, re-branding, personalization and customization of DBS sample collection kits. Additional items, translations of the user manual can be added under the client’s request.

  • High quality needles
  • Disinfectant wipes and plasters
  • Special packages for shipping of DBS samples.

Please note: All “RDA Spot” products meet highest quality standards, are safe and CE certified.

Please feel free to contact “RDA Spot” for consultations regarding DBS sampling, shipment and storage.

Please contact us if you are interested in laboratory testing of DBS samples.