We produce and sell dried blood spot (DBS) kits so that people can gain further insight into their personal health. Blood sample collection is becoming more in demand in the private healthcare market as people can use it to learn about antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins and much more.

Entering the market can be met with different challenges, which is why RDA Spot has a team of experts in consulting, healthcare and marketing who can help you through it. Not sure which devices are right for your applications? Want to discuss branding or personalisation? We can help with those aspects.

Your business challenges and goals can be discussed with our experienced consultants to help you move forward. Consultations can be provided for the following areas:

  • Analytes and laboratory services
  • Branding and personalization
  • Find the right devices
  • Legal regulations 
  • Registering in different markets
  • Workflow and logistics

RDA Spot

RDA Spot is a company striving to innovate to improve healthcare products like dried blood spot samples. For those in the private healthcare industry, we offer a range of services that include consulting, developing DBS products, and marketing. Typically, our consultations are available for the below, but the list is not exhausted should other professionals require our services.

  • Healthcare professionals and institutions
  • Health tech companies
  • Home testing providers
  • Nutrition companies
  • Telemedicine companies

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on our consulting services, and let’s see how we can support you.