Customized DBS Solutions

RDA Card© DBS card and kit design can be customized in accordance with the client’s requirements:

  • RDA spot team will take care of your own design. The re-branding of RDA Card© DBS cards and kits can be done under your request;
  • RDA Card© DBS cards and kits can be personalized and adapted to various languages;
  • Instructions for sample collection and shipping procedures can be customized to suit your specific purpose;
  • If required, we can include documents like Informed Consent Form, Case Report Form, Lab Request Form or Patient Release Form in the kit suiting your purpose;
  • In order to meet confidentiality requirements, we use unique barcodes for encoding and traceability of patients’ test results. Any specific barcode preferences (sequential and non-sequential) can be included and data sheets can be customized for optical character recognition (OCR).