What is Blood Spot Collection?

Blood spot collection is a method of blood sampling and testing that does not require the person to attend a medical setting to provide liquid blood. Blood spot collection kits offer a quick and simple testing method that requires the patient to drop small amounts of blood onto a sample card after pricking their finger. This testing method is becoming more widely used across health and wellness applications, and in this blog post, we aim to cover what blood spot collection is and why it is used.

What Can Be Tested Through Blood Spot Collection?

Blood spot collection, also referred to as dried blood spot (DBS) sampling or testing, has been used for many years. Blood spot collection kits are typically available for testing newborns and infants for various genetic and other diseases, as well as for a range of conditions in adults, drug research, forensics, toxicology and more. However, blood spot collection is increasingly used as a home testing kit for those wanting to learn more about their personal health status. 

RDA Spot provides dry blood spot collection kits to develop new possibilities for home testing whereby people can test themselves for cholesterol, fatty acids, glucose, testosterone, vitamins and numerous other biomarkers.

What Are The Advantages of Blood Spot Collection?

The advantages of using dry blood spot collection kits over having blood drawn at a hospital are distinctive. Not only can patients carry out the test at home, but they also can draw blood through a small finger prick. Additional advantages to blood spot sampling include:

  • Cost-effective: The process is cheaper than going to a hospital.

  • Easy: The test is quick and easy to carry out from the comfort of your own home. RDA Spot provides clear instructions with our DBS sampling cards, also available on our website.
  • No needles: For those who are uncomfortable with the use of needles, this no longer needs to be an issue.
  • Reliable: Research has shown that test results obtained from RDA Spot DBS sample collection produced the same level of accuracy as those obtained from a liquid blood sample.
  • Safe: DBS testing is safe and reliable. RDA Spot’s testing kits meet the European Union requirements for medical devices.
  • Time-efficient: Eliminates the need to travel to a hospital (or medical setting) and wait to be seen.

Blood Spot Collection with RDA Spot 

RDA Spot develops and manufactures dried blood spot collection kits so that blood sample testing can be carried out quickly, safely and in the comfort of the patient’s home. Our DBS kits are of the highest quality and are CE-certified medical devices for in vitro diagnostics (IVD). 

Not only do RDA Spot provide blood spot collection kits, but we also provide customizable solutions. We can customize our DBS sample cards and kits to suit the client’s requirements by using their branding, design and extra personalization. We can also provide translations of the user manual should this be requested.       

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